Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Fishing Trip of 2011

This past weekend I got a chance to fish with D & R, two of my college friends from way long ago. It was a great way to finish out the 2011 fishing season. My boats are already out of the water for the winter, so we chartered the Peace of Mind for 5 hours of Striped Bass fishing. Though it was a chilly and windy day, and the ocean was rough at times, the fish were biting and we had a great time.

We got to the docks at 6:15am and were underway by 6:30am.  Our captain knew that the winds would be picking up as the hours passed, so he suggested an hour and a half in the ocean while the tide was coming in, then a short break back at the docks while the tide turned, then 3-4 hours fishing the inlet rips during the outgoing.

R sees whose mouth is bigger
D with the best fish of the day
The ocean fishing was rough, and the bite was slow. D landed a short, and I missed a fish. We were bouncing around like crazy and not doing much, so we got back to the docks for the turn of the tide. A quick breakfast and coffee at a nearby deli, and we were back underway. The wind was strong and the currents pushed our 28' Rampage sport fish boat around something fierce. Conditions were bad enough that we saw only one other boat fishing the entire day and it turned out to be my friend and neighbor K, who also took a shot at some fall Striped Bass. But every time Captain Jim got the boat heading squarly into the inlet rips and presented the baits (live "spots" on circle hooks, fishfinder rigs with 5 ounce sinkers) we got a bite. And many of those bites resulted in fish -- at least for D & R. I didn't quite have the touch that day! R landed 3 keepers, D got 2 keepers and 2 shorts, and I got just one fish but was glad it was a keeper. 

A couple of keepers

Back at the dock, Captain Jim took a photo of three happy guys and six fish to use on his web site (I'll be looking to see if he uses it), then he cleaned the fish for us and sent us home with fresh fish filets. We threw two big filets right on the grill (salt, pepper, orange/ginger) and had them for lunch. Striped Bass that fresh is really something special. I enjoyed my fish with a cold beer and two good friends.

On the grill!
We had enough fish to all take home a large bag of fresh filets even after that lunch. I gave some to friends and family and got two dinners and two lunches for my entire family from what was left.

Now I'm counting the days until the 2012 fishing season starts for me in April!

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