Friday, March 29, 2019


The older I get, the less I appreciate winter. I don't ski, and I don't have any other winter activities that I enjoy. When my kids were younger (and my body was, too) an afternoon of sledding and then snowball battles and snowman-making was a great time. Those days are past.

My wife, who really enjoys winter, thinks this is all very curmudgeonly of me – and it may be. But I don't like driving in winter weather, I don't like short days with grey skies and minimal sunlight, I don't like how my achy joints feel in the cold weather, and I miss summer. When I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity, I combat this by spending a few days in warmer regions.

Now that winter is over, the days are getting a little longer and the weather is getting more mild. This makes me happy. I can take a walk in my neighborhood in the daylight after work. I'm looking forward to the classic visual signs, too, such as flowers and trees blooming in my yard and neighborhood. The feeling of spring also lets me start to think about my favorite time of year, summer, when I can boat and fish and swim on my days off. I'm dreaming of those coming days with a big smile on my face, and looking forward to my second summer with my new boat.

Some day, I'd love to winter in warmer areas like Florida and return north for our summers here in the northeast. I'm not at that stage yet, but with each passing year I like the idea that much more.

What's your favorite season and why?

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