Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saying Goodbye to Spunky

Farewell Furry Feline Friend
Spunky was a wonderful cat who lived with my family and me for the last 14 years.  He passed away about two weeks ago. I waited until I felt my memories brought me happiness rather than sadness before posting and sharing the news with friends.
Spunky sleeping at home in 2013
Spunky and his brother Bunky came to live with us at Christmas in 2003, having been born earlier that year in September. My long time cat companion Merlin, who lived to be 18, had passed away that summer and I thought it would be nice to bring more cats into the house and to have our young boys grow up with a connection to them. Merlin had a connection with me. Spunky and Bunky could be connected to us all.
Bunky was shy and calm. He could often be found sleeping in an out of the way spot in the house. Spunky, on the other hand, was always where the actions was, and if there wasn’t any action he’d create it. He’d climb on laps and up onto shoulders and he’d “talk” a lot.
Early in their lives as they got to be outdoor cats, they split the neighborhood with Bunky going up our road and Spunky going down. Bunky’s territory had the busier roads and sadly he was killed by a passing car at just 2 years old. Spunky went on to live a long life with us. He’d often spend 18 hours a day outdoors except for during the coldest parts of winter. While inside he’d eat, sleep, and play with his family. He was very social and very affectionate.
A little over two weeks ago I found him injured and partially paralyzed and took him to the vet. We did x-rays and tests, and tried some obvious therapies, but it wasn’t working out and it was time to accept that the end had come. We said our goodbyes at the vet.
If there’s a cat heaven, I hope Spunky and Bunky are now reunited. Maybe they’ll even get a chance to meet Merlin.
Farewell Spunky, my furry feline friend. I’m still sad that he’s left us but I really do feel able to smile now when I think of him. He was a character and a friend and my life was made better by knowing him.

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