Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Vacation With The Family

Enjoying time together on the beach and on our boats

Every August, my busy family tries to line up our schedules so that we can spend 5-7 days together at our beach house on eastern Long Island, NY where we are active in and around the water. The following photo blog chronicles our adventures in August 2018.

The beach
We love to swim in the ocean, to body surf, and to boogie board. It's invigorating!

Together at the beach
boogie boarding

playing paddle ball

Visiting marinas by boat
We have two power boats. One is my brand new 26' Edgewater center console fishing boat, and one is a 19' Boston Whaler used mostly by my sons. In addition to using these boats for fishing, tubing, and for rides with friends, we like to climb on board and visit nearby marinas by water to have lunch at an outdoor table overlooking the passing boats.
At the Canal Cafe', ready for lobster rolls

Oaklands Marina and Restaurant

The Boys at Oaklands

Tacey got the Sea Bass Salad

Never forget the oysters

Ready for the raw bar order!
A soft shell crab sandwich

There's tuna crudoe under all those chips

Fresh ahi tuna ponzu

While we don't sail often, we really do enjoy it. We have a small "Sunfish" sail boat and all of us can manage to sail her.

Mike and Steve ride the sailboat out.

Steve and Mike raise the sail.


Full sails!
Steve trades with Rich to give him a turn
On the way home, Steve secured the sailboat and Mike rides her in.

My family has been fishing the waters of the south shore for generations. My grandfather taught my father, my father taught me, and I taught my sons.
The boys...

... on board their Boston Whaler

Ready to fish, right near Oaklands.

Richie with a Fluke

Sea Robins. We used to throw them back. Lately we've started to eat a few of them.

Mike with a "dogfish" (a little shark). Good for the fryer!

Cooking and eating our fish
We love to go fishing, and we keep the fish we intend to eat, letting the rest go back for another day. Like most fisherman, we are conservation-oriented, and keep the water clean and respect the legal limits on fish. The fish we do keep, we try to eat when very fresh - usually the same day.

It takes several chefs to do it all. Here's one now.

Cleaned and prepped with dry rub

Sea Robin ready to cook

Fluke prepped for the fryer

Fish ready for the grill

Fried Fluke, Blowfish, and Sea Robin

Porgies and bluefish direct from the grill
Fluke sashimi
A seafood feast!
A healthy plate, with 7 kinds of seafood on board

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