Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LulzSec Sails Away

Back on June 15, and again on June 24, I wrote about the LulzSec hacker group and their high profile penetrations of gaming companies, law enforcements groups and more. Now they say that their 50 Days of Lulz have come and gone, and that it’s time for them to sail away and “head for the horizon”.

Their parting words can be found in many places, including

LulzSec's "antisec" movement is far from dead, however.  The hacking group Anonymous picks up where LulzSec left off, which is not really surprising since the groups did acknowledge working together and some even believe that LulzSec is actually a splinter group from, and now being re-absorbed back into, Anonymous.

Looking back on the past 50 days, it’d be hard not to give LulzSec their due.  But what they seemed to do much better than other well-organized and successful hacking teams was to communicate in an articulate way.  They achieved a large Twitter following and fed quotable material to journalists and bloggers.  As a result, we got a sense for who they were and what they cared about.  

Is that the blueprint for future "hacktivism" groups? Will we see more such groups with clearly communicated and specific technical or social agenda?  Lulz indeed.

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  1. Several unverified reports suggest that their intial final release may have been infected with a trojan:

    A good reminder of the importance of
    displaying caution when downloading attachments from groups like this one!

  2. Thanks Josh! What form did the "initial release" take? Do you suggest removing the link I included above? Glad to be safer than sorrier. :)

    Thanks for commenting.