Friday, June 24, 2011

LulzSec Hacks Continue

Back on June 15 I wrote about LulzSec. The hacking group had accomplished some high-visibility break-ins to large corporations and law enforcement web sites and databases. Not very long after that post, there was some buzz about an arrest made in London. Ryan Kleary was arrested and some of the news called him the ring leader of LulzSec.  The 19-yr-old had been living at home, holed up in his room with his computer, and his mom thought he was just gaming. On Twitter, though, LulzSec seemed to laugh. They said they were just fine and that Ryan had only a minor role.  

Given the events taking place since that time, I think I’d believe them. Early this week, LulzSec and hacker group Anonymous announced that they had joined forces and on Thursday they claimed to have hacked into the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

There are some people who are wondering whether the hacks from LulzSec and Anonymous are not anything very new, but rather that there is increased reporting and awareness. I suppose that could be, but I don’t think I buy it.  Either there were always some really major hacks going on, including of major law enforcement organizations, or the hacks going on now really are beyond what was common even just a few months ago.

What do you think?  Like many of you, I'll be watching this story as it continues to develop over the weeks to come.  If you have thoughts or comments, please post them here.


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