Monday, January 30, 2012

Almost Facts

Okay, let's try something new. Let's crowd-source today's blog post. This will depend in part upon your willingness to leave comments, which will depend in part on your ability and willingness to log onto Google Blogger. 

The process is simple. Make up a fact. Really make it up. Don't look it up. Make it up

Make it as real sounding as you can. The sort of thing that people hear and say "wow, what a cool fact! I never knew that!"

I'll pitch in one or two to start. Then I want all of you to make up facts and leave them as comments. If nobody participates, I'll know that (a) nobody reads this blog, (b) nobody likes to comment, or (c) people do read and want to comment, but have some impediment to doing so. Let's find out.

Deke's Almost Facts.

1. Ketchup was invented in 1850 during the California Gold Rush when west-bound travelers in the US found some of their produce, especially fresh tomatoes, going bad. They learned that spreading the mushy tomatoes on food as a kind of paste added flavor and thus Ketchup was born.
2. Elephants, which are among the most intelligent animals on earth, can often be taught basic dance steps, such as simple line dances, by trainers who hold up fruit at feeding time and perform the steps themselves. The elephants will very often spontaneously match the dance steps quite accurately, and seem to enjoy it.

As far as I know, neither of those are true. But they sort of sound like they could be, right?

Please join in and make up a fact and POST IT AS A COMMENT. I'm interested in seeing how this works out.



  1. Drinking fresh water is dangerous. The human body is composed of 98% water which contains a mixture of salt, calcium and other dissolved proteins and minerals. Consuming fresh water alters the chemical balance in the blood stream. This alteration of chemicals causes several aliments including excessive tiredness, dry skin, and hair loss to name a few. Drinking more than 32 ounces of fresh water a day is considered bad for your health since it disrupts the balance of minerals. Research has confirmed the historical practice of drinking beer, practiced in Colonial America and in Europe did not disrupt the chemical balance in the blood stream and should be resumed to maintain the proper health.

  2. Thanks Michele. I needed a good reason to drink more beer :)

  3. Russian scientists completed a decade long drilling operation through two miles of antarctic ice to reach a freshwater lake the size of Lake Ontario. The mysterious antarctic freshwater lake has been sealed off from light and air for somewhere between 15 and 34 million years. The lake contains microscopic lifeforms that can provide the same regenerative properties believed to be able to restore the oceans of the world, much like stem cells to the body.

  4. That's awesome Dave. And at least some of it (first two sentences) is true, right?

    1. Deke most of it is true, just the regenerative properties of what they find down there is speculation. The truth is the bacteria, I read on G+, is either the insurgent genetics believed to summon the zombie apocalypse; or the primordial ooze which will be launched into space toward a planet in another solar system just the right distance from the star to sustain life-- this bacteria will evolve into humanoids in about 30 million years. This rarified find by Russian scientists will sustain the human race.