Friday, September 16, 2011

Amazon Tablet

Another Android tablet? This one may be different.

Amazon has an outstanding inventory of books – not only in physical form, but also e-book form for it’s Kindle device, and audio form from the #1 spoken word source on the Internet, Amazon has music to sell and movies to sell. Amazon defines shopping on the web for many of us, with diverse inventory of their own as well as independent storefronts, selling clothing and gadgets and just about everything else. Amazon even owns Zappos, the online shoe store that has taken customer service to new heights.

In a very savvy business and marketing move, Amazon introduced “Prime,” a service in which for an annual fixed price consumers get unlimited 2-day shipping of Amazon products they purchase. So of course that drives still more sales.

An Amazon Tablet

Back on May 25 I wrote about a tablet market that was clearly still evolving and the role that Amazon and B&N were playing. Not much has changed over the last four months. The iPad still dominates and other tablets are still trying to find the formula for success. 

Rumors are strong that Amazon will release a tablet this fall. It will almost certainly run the Android operating system and leverage a good collection of apps, good design learned from a few years of Kindle development, and a great web experience.

MG Siegler of TechCrunch claims to have played with an early version of the Amazon Tablet (he says that it'll be called Amazon Kindle) and compares it visually to a Blackberry Playbook.

What could really make an Amazon Tablet a huge winner is the existence of the Amazon shopping experience. Picture a tablet with a media-buying experience that rivals or surpasses Apple’s iOS devices and iTunes. But this tablet will go the next step and make shopping for all that Amazon sells just as easy. Releasing a tablet is brilliant business for Amazon. It’ll open up new sales opportunities for mobile buyers.


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