Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Selling My Boat

... and buying another

At the end of the summer of 2017, I sold my boat – a 26’ center console Sailfish (the make) that I called "Freedom." It was a wonderful boat that I bought 11 years ago when it was 2 or 3 years old. Many great days were spent on that boat, fishing in the bay and the ocean, shuttling the family to the beach for a day of swimming, taking a few day trips to nearby port towns, and stopping off at our favorite marinas for a beautiful waterfront lunch.

Freedom, my boat for over 10 years
They say that the two happiest days of a boat owners life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it. For me, the day I bought Freedom was a very happy day. She was a gem and I loved every day out on the water with her. I can't say that the day I sold her was the happiest day, but it also wasn't the saddest. I hadn't grown tired of her. But ... 

They say a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into. While that wasn't really true for me I will say that maintenance was considerable and it was growing over time as the boat and the engines aged. I became convinced that Freedom would be a better boat for someone who did more of their own maintenance than I ever could. Someone who was handy and mechanically inclined and who would enjoy the work. That wasn't me. I'm happy to say that the buyer turned out to be just such a person. Someone whose family will love the boat the way I did, and who will do the work to restore her to her youthful beauty. He even promised to send me pictures as things progressed.

They say that a boat owner will gladly tell you a little about their boat, but will enthusiastically tell you a lot about their next boat. I guess that's true for me as well. On the afternoon after I sold my boat, I went boat shopping. I climbed aboard several late model center console fishing boats – Boston Whalers, Grady Whites, Edgewaters and Cobias in the 26' to 30' size range. All were great boats. I'll continue to shop over the fall and winter, in hopes of finding a new boat by late spring for the 2018 season.

I already miss my 26’ Sailfish “Freedom,” but I look forward to a long term love affair with my next boat! Please wish me luck for the summer of 2018. I'll gladly post pictures when I eventually make a purchase.

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