Monday, June 18, 2012

Microsoft Challenges iPad

Surface: A New Tablet Computer

Rumors have swirled since last Thursday that a Microsoft announcement on June 18th would be a tablet, an iPad competitor. On Monday evening Microsoft announced the "Surface," a slim tablet with a 10.6-inch screen, a "kickstand" to position the display, and a keyboard/cover. It has an integrated camera and runs Skype. One version of the tablet will run Windows 8 RT, and another will run Windows 8 Pro. Unlike the iPad, the Surface will have USB 2.0 and MicroSD interfaces.

Some details were not immediately available, including pricing, ship dates, and whether the new device would support carrier/cellular network connectivity.

Microsoft has not made their own hardware very often. The last time they chose to build hardware to bring a new service concept forward was the Zune, and that device failed to gain traction in a market already committed to iPods and iPhones. Now Microsoft has chosen to build hardware again in a similar situation. They are challenging a wildly popular product in the iPad. Will things turn out differently this time?

Is this a good move by Microsoft? What killer features would you be looking for? What's the right price-point to get major sales and help to launch Windows 8 in a big way? How much would you pay?

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  1. It's still vaporware as far as I'm concerned. But the pictures look compelling, I like the fact it has a keyboard and a stylus, and seems to be essentially an evolved laptop more than anything else. I think this has potential for the enterprise market (given it will run windows 8 pro). Not sure if it's ARM or not?

  2. I think this could be a win for the skype feature alone. Adding the usb and micro sd interface makes this even more attractive. If the price point is similar to the ipad, it will be very competitive. Can't imagine choosing ipad over this, prices being in same ball park and providing it has good internet capability