Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RapidGroove Anniversary

One Year of Blogging

Happy Anniversary RapidGroove!

A year ago I wanted a creative outlet where I could talk about tech topics of interest to me, but also wander into other areas like fishing reports, recipes, a little philosophy and more. It's been a fun year. Readership has been steadily growing. For the first three months of 2012 I'm averaging 900 page views a month, so I'm confident that somebody is reading. I'm grateful for the participation in the form of readers, comments (I always want more comments!), and input on topics to tackle.

I recognize that without you, this would be a diary. So I'd like to ask for your input on what should come next for RapidGroove.

  • Do you prefer frequent short form blog entries as I've been posting? 
  • Or would twice a month in longer form be better? 
  • Does the mix of topics work for you, or should I stick to technology? 
  • Do you have specific topics you'd like to see me cover?

Please let me know! Leave me a comment, post to my FaceBook or Google+ pages, stop me at the supermarket checkout, or send me an email message. Your input will help to drive the direction of RapidGroove for the months to come.


Thanks for reading! A blog works best with active participation. If you enjoy this blog, please give it a +1 and leave a comment. Share it on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. More readers will drive more discussion.

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