Saturday, December 29, 2012

RapidGroove Resolutions 2013

Are you making some new years resolutions? Here are a few of mine.

1. Choose more healthy foods, exercise more often, get in better shape (me and at least half of everyone over 40!)
2. Squeeze in a little more time to play piano. I miss it.
3. Get an evening out with friends at least once a month, leaving work and school and maybe even my smartphone at home.
4. Fish for and land at least one species of fish I've never caught before.
5. Write a RapidGroove blog entry at least once a month. When possible, post an edited-down version of one of my papers for school (as suggested by my friend S).

Look for me to make good on that last one early in January, as soon as a paper of mine gets graded and returned. I've written about 15 papers for my program so far. Not all of them seem suitable for blog posts, but when they do, I'll edit them down and post them here.

So what are your resolutions? I'd love for you to post a few as comments below this blog entry.

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