Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Apple TV Apps

iOS Apps on a Jailbroken Set Top Box

The Apple rumor mill is always active. Along with the latest iPad 3 and iPhone 5 rumors, we’ve been hearing Apple TV rumors for at least the last six months. Most of the rumors involve an actual television set with an Apple logo, and lots of speculation on exactly how Apple will re-invent the television experience. But until and unless a television set comes along, Apple TV actually refers to an existing product – the $99 “hobby” product that Apple released in 2007 with a second release in 2010.

The current Apple TV is an inexpenisve IP set top box that hooks up by HDMI to your HD TV to deliver iTunes and iPhoto content as well as YouTube, Vimeo and more. I own two of them, and I really do think they bring great value for the price. What many of us have always thought was missing was access to iOS apps. While not every iOS app would make sense on a large, shared screen, and while the lack of a touch interface presents an obvious challenge, some apps really could be great on the television. Angry Birds party anyone? How about using the IMDB app as you watch TV?

Over the last day or two, there have been reports of a proof of concept in which a jailbroken Apple TV accessed and ran iOS apps. It certainly looks interesting.

What do you think? Are there apps on your iPhone or iPad that you’d like to run on your television? Do you have thoughts on an alternative to the touch user interface that would make sense on this platform? Perhaps something like the Microsoft Kinnect?

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