Monday, June 13, 2011

Salsa With Your RFID Chips?

Thinking About Edible RFID

You've been hearing about RFID for at least a few years, right? Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) uses radio wave communication to transfer data between an RFID reader and an electronic RFID tag attached to an object to be tracked. The tags are very low cost and need no power source, so they are suitable for large scale tracking of low cost inventory.  

With that in mind, a student/researcher named Hannes Harms has developed an edible RFID chip, and envisions using it in a system to track the components of a meal and to report on its nutrition to software-based analysis systems.  It could even warn of dangers from food allergies. This system is called NutriSmart. 

If for the moment you grant that there is absolutely no harm in eating the tiny RFID chips, would you be interested in knowing about where your food has come from, getting warnings about possible allergic reactions or even just surprisingly high calories, or being able to more easily track your nutrition? If you had a choice between a salmon dinner with embedded RFID and one without for the same price, which would you choose? Please let us know by leaving your comments here.

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